Look No Further for Fusion Stone

avril 10, 2018

You’ve decided to take on a DIY project and you’ve chosen Fusion Stone, and for that we thank you! The next step is to find our products. With over 1,500 dealers in our national network, you won’t have to go far to do so.

We Want to Save You Time

Time is very valuable, and we respect yours. That’s why we’ve made it easy to find our products using our store finder.

We also understand that you want to get your project going as quickly as possible. Maybe you only have a small window of time to get it done. We get that.

We don’t want you having to race around town to get the supplies you need. That’s why our products are found in most big-box stores (like Home Depot, Lowe’s and Rona). The less time you spend gathering your materials the better —and with Fusion Stone you won’t need much to start and complete your next project. The list of materials to complete the installation is small and you probably have most at home already.

Shopping Local

You can conveniently pick up Fusion Stone at big-box stores, but you can also find Fusion Stone in independently-owned, local stores as well. We believe in supporting small, local businesses and if this is important to you, then you can use our store finder to locate an independently-owned Fusion Stone dealer. Whether you choose to go big or small, finding the closest dealer to you is just a few clicks away.

Using Our Store Finder

There are a variety of reasons to visit our website. Maybe you want to find out more about us. Maybe you want to check out our products or get some ideas for your next DIY project.

But one of the best reasons is to use our store finder. Getting to a dealer near you couldn’t be easier. You simply type in your location, how far of a radius you’re looking to cover and let the results come flooding in. You will be given the business name, address, phone number and the distance it is away from you. The toughest decision will be which one of these great businesses you will want to visit.

We believe that with the right materials, any DIY project can be simple and easy. From where to find our products to how to use them, we want your project to go as smoothly as possible. It’s just another reason why we’ve been held in such high regard for more than 70 years. Our website is full of helpful tips and answers to most any question you might have. Let us be your guide on your next DIY project.

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