Upgrade and Protect your Cottage for Life with Fusion Stone

mai 4, 2015

As we all know, Canada is one of the very best places on Earth to enjoy the great outdoors and is home to a population who love the wilderness more than most.

For those with the opportunity to own a holiday cottage, be it lakeside, beach front or in the mountains, protecting it from the harsh Canadian elements is a major consideration. Finding a stunning yet budget-friendly stone veneer that is hardwearing and comes with a lifetime guarantee might sound like a dream. However, Fusion Stone stacked stone veneer is exactly that.

Fusion Stone has enough choice of style and colour to match both your cottage and its surroundings. It also has a patented, clean and simple installation system that makes it the DIY project you really can do yourself. Let’s take a look at why installing Fusion Stone veneer on your cottage could be one of the best investments you make this year.

Make your cottage a modern classic

Depending on the age of your cottage or how long you’ve owned it, you might feel it’s time to give it a facelift.

Fusion Stone stacked stone veneer offers a simple way to upgrade the look of your property without it looking out of place in its environs. With a choice of three styles, Great Lakes, Phoenix and Dry-Stack, and each with its own range of colours, there will be a Fusion Stone product that you will be proud to install on your cottage.

The classic look achieved by installing stacked stone veneer means your cottage will stand out, but as a modern throwback to a simpler time, and without degrading the surrounding area. In fact, the only issue you might have is with your neighbours’ jealousy.

Fusion Stone is not just a pretty face

Property in Canada generally isn’t cheap, and cottages in prime locations certainly aren’t. So shouldn’t you be doing all you can to protect your investment?

Fusion Stone is a budget-friendly way to guard your cottage from the elements, be they the icy wind coming from a frozen lake, the salt from the ocean, or the biting chill of mountain air. Any protective veneer you can install on your cottage will represent money well spent when compared to the value of the property itself, but not all stone veneer products are created equal.

Despite being budget-friendly, Fusion Stone stacked stone veneer is covered by a lifetime guarantee, meaning your beloved cottage will be protected for as long as you own it or be worth more should you ever decide to sell.

Upgrade and protect by yourself

The installation method for Fusion Stone siding has been made as clean and simple as possible by the patented system of stainless steel clips and screws that are used to fix the stone in place, meaning it is the DIY project you really can do yourself.

With mortar-less installation on Great Lakes and Dry-Stack, the installation is as mess-free as it is stress-free, and once the technique is learned it can be replicated on as many surfaces as you want to upgrade. Your cottage exterior walls, barbecue and fire pits, and even swimming pool and hot tubs can all easily be made to match with Fusion Stone stacked stone veneer.

With full instructions and even videos to show how easy Fusion Stone is to install, shouldn’t you be seriously considering the dual benefits of an upgraded look and increased protection for your cottage? This all in a budget-friendly stacked stone veneer that comes with a lifetime guarantee and is simple to install yourself.


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