DIY renovation projects you can do in any season

March 13, 2023

Sometimes it feels like March delivers every season at once, be it snow, sleet or rain, warm double-digit days or sunny, frost-bitten mornings. Check out these projects you can do no matter what the weather or season seems like this month – or any other time of year.

Fabulous feature wall

Perfect for a rainy weekend do-it-yourself activity, you can get an impressive accent wall up in no time while flexing your DIY muscles. Whether you apply stone veneer, trending wallpaper, wooden shiplap, tile or paint, you can achieve a spectacular focal point to add character to any room – from entryway or bathroom to bedroom or living space.

Fierce fireplace

An unsightly or underwhelming fireplace can be a total disservice to your space. Giving the mantel a sleek replacement or refacing a front that’s seen better days can bring a stunning transformation to a dull or dated room. You might think to do this in summer months when it sees less use, but the sooner you complete this weekend project, the sooner you get to enjoy it – maybe for a rainy indoor camping session complete with s’mores.

Awesome address sign

This little project just takes some imagination, a little research and inspiration, and you’re off to the races. In cold bleak times when the weather isn’t cooperating, a small boost to your curb appeal might be just the thing you need. Whether it’s an elegant and classy stencil stone or an over-the-top neon sign of your address, it might just be the project that gets you back in your groove.

Kitted out kitchen

Instead of a full remodel or renovation, it’s possible to bring an old kitchen into the present by updating one or two core elements. If typical tips to paint your cabinetry or add new hardware aren’t enough to modernize your kitchen, consider replacing your backsplash for a fresher, more contemporary feel. If the budget allows, then spring for fresh countertops too.

Stunning stone veneer siding

Replacing faded siding with timeless stone veneer adds incredible curb appeal and can boost the resale value of your home. While not every stone veneer brand can be installed outdoors year-round, with mechanically fastened stone veneer Fusion Stone you can work in any conditions you’re comfortable with. The installation methods, long-term performance and appearance of Fusion Stone are not affected by extreme temperatures or humidity levels. An appropriate moisture barrier alongside the purposely designed air gap and patented rainscreen technology make it ready to withstand whatever nature throws at it.

Find more Fusion Stone project ideas in our inspiration gallery or check out our FAQs for more details.