Family Makes a Difference

June 3, 2020

Fusion Stone is a hugely popular and widely distributed thin stone veneer product. It owes this accomplishment to many things including great design, ease of installation, multiple styles and colours, and a lifetime warranty. But there is another factor that is a significant contributor to the success of the brand – family. The parent company was founded in 1947 and is still proudly 100% Canadian owned and operated, currently under third generation family management.

What difference does family make? For starters, when your family reputation is directly associated with your products and how you do business, an extra level of care is taken. This applies across the board from quality of product and customer relations to respect for employees. In the case of Fusion Stone this translates into a sincere commitment to Quality, Service, and Innovation all backed by the philosophy that the family’s word is its bond.

Fusion Stone was introduced to the market in 2006 and has grown since then to currently include three styles and multiple colours. The product is available across the country and is installed in applications as diverse as complete building facades, interior feature walls, wine cellars, and fireplaces.

The family experience that led to the introduction of Fusion Stone began over 70 years ago. Since then the company has responded to the times, both economic and technological, to develop and produce creative, high-quality products that exceed consumer expectations. This has occurred with honest dealing, the best possible product development and family reputation always at the forefront.

The family management at Fusion Stone believes there is more at stake than just being a successful business venture. More important is that the family reputation be always enhanced and never tarnished in the eyes of all stakeholders. This is very noticeably expressed in a customer-first orientation. The philosophy is simple – happy and satisfied customers come back.

Today, after more than 70 years, the company takes great pride in its products and the lasting relationships it is privileged to enjoy. For more information about the Fusion Stone, its products and its people visit or call 800.265.3174.