What’s in the Box

June 18, 2020

A fundamental attribute of Fusion Stone is ease of installation. This feature is a real attraction for everyone using Fusion Stone be they a contractor, renovator, or home owner. This, together with several product style and colour choices, a lifetime warranty, and availability at over 1,000 building supply dealers across the country have made Fusion Stone a leader in the thin stone veneer industry.

Fusion Stone comes in two package formats – one for smaller and one for larger projects. See this video. Each includes the Fusion Stone product, more than enough stainless-steel clips and screws and a driver bit. The Small Pak includes stone to cover a 5 sq. ft. surface. The Bulk Pak quantity depends upon the Fusion Stone style. Great Lakes Stone includes 66 sq. ft.; Peninsula Ledgestone 60 sq. ft. and Dry-Stack 100 sq. ft. Bulk Paks are prepared in full pallets so require lift truck handling.

Installing Fusion Stone requires only a few basic tools. These include a tape measure, a level, a power drill (the bit is included in the package), and a grinder with a masonry bit. See this video.

To make things even easier the Fusion Stone web site includes step-by-step instructions as well as installation guides for each of the three Fusion Stone styles. There are also a number of videos on the site that show details of every aspect of installation.

If you still have questions, you can access the FAQ section on the website as well as the Resources page. If you would prefer to talk with someone directly please call 800.265.3174. A knowledgeable and friendly staff member will be happy to help you out.