Fusion Stone continues to uphold its Family and Canadian Legacy

August 8, 2016

Do you know where the products you buy come from? For many of us it’s an important factor in our decision to purchase one product over another. According to a new PwC report, although Canadian consumers are still focused on good prices, “the draw of ‘buying local’ [is] another powerful factor,” Strategy News’ Josh Kolm reports. “When asked what would increase preference for buying from a local, neighbourhood retailer, 36% said it was the idea of boosting local employment, 34% said access to locally-produced goods, and 29% said helpful staff, while 27% said it was because of better service after purchase and 25% said personalized service.”

For the team at Shouldice Designer Stone who produce Fusion Stone, being Canadian is an important part of the company identity and one of the elements that make Fusion Stone such a high-quality, consumer-friendly product.  Located in Shallow Lake, Ontario, Shouldice Designer Stone has been an active part of the local Georgian Bay community since the company was formed in 1947.

Tapping into the areas world renowned, high quality aggregates and stones, Shouldice Designer Stone has been using high-quality, locally-sourced Canadian materials in their manufacturing process from its inception. “The ingredients that go into our manufacturing are Canadian,” says Steve Shouldice. “It’s a personal thing, but we have too much Canadian pride to go overseas, so we stick with Canadian ingredients. The stone we use comes from close to home.”

The local, Canadian manufacturing connection is one of the reasons that Fusion Stone is such an environmentally friendly product. Manufactured and distributed following strict sustainability guidelines, Fusion Stone is LEED and CCMC approved, making it a green choice for eco-conscious consumers.

The local Georgian Bay community is proud of the “small town” success of Fusion Stone, which is a highly sought after product across Canada and internationally. Now into the family’s third generation, Shouldice Designer Stone is still 100 per cent family owned and operated, and their family-centered approach and small town roots drive their service-oriented focus. With one of the best warranties in the business and outstanding customer service, consumers appreciate the helpful attitude of staff and easy-to-follow videos and apps that the company has designed.

In fact, the company’s commitment to innovation is what drove the creation of the Fusion Stone product in the first place. Fusion Stone is a thin stone veneer that is easily installed with the included stainless steel clips & screws. This patented system makes it easy for anyone to install stone products – you just screw Fusion Stone in to the wall and it’s “Hooked for Life”.

What does the future hold for Fusion Stone and Shouldice Designer Stone? The company will continue to strive for high quality and superior customer service while honouring its family-centric approach, community roots and Canadian heritage. As technology quickly changes the industry, Fusion Stone is sure to continue to play a role as an innovator and leader in stone veneer products.

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