Making a Statement with Fusion Stone

February 18, 2020

We all know how important first impressions can be. It’s a human trait to draw conclusions, or at least form an opinion, based on our immediate response to a new encounter or experience.

This human trait has been effectively leveraged for centuries in architectural design. A building, or aspects of a building, can generate within us certain assumptions and expectations in terms of the builder or owner or what we are likely to encounter upon entry.

Our feature project is an interesting demonstration of this. This entryway presents us with a classic wood and stone construction but with undeniable elements of strength, and character that border on the formidable.

The dark weight of the upper portion of the pillars and vertically applied wooden façade is counter-intuitively relieved by the lighter hues of the Fusion Stone Great Lakes Raven lower pillar surrounds, caps, and skirting.

The use of this thin stone veneer retains and extends the consistency of character and strength, but its contrasting colour generates an exciting counterpoint to the more ominous dark wood. This impression is further supported by the inviting openness of the porch. The designer has done a fantastic job of striking a powerful balance between light and dark that leaves us with a powerful first impression.

As demonstrated here, Fusion Stone is a great partner to other building materials and can be used in interesting applications such as pillars. Ease of installation is a hallmark of Fusion Stone. You can see how easy it is to install Fusion Stone pillars in this video.

Fusion Stone is manufactured in multiple styles and colours and is available across a broad dealer network nationwide.

Please visit our website or give us a call at 800.265.3174 for more information.