Our Customers are a Community

July 17, 2020

We have some of the greatest customers any business could ever hope for. More than that we think of them as part of our community.  So, when given the opportunity we like to share with our blog readers some of the projects they execute with Fusion Stone.

Our first project, by Brydon Perry Construction (@brydonperryconsinc) is a very contemporary build using several exterior cladding solutions, most notably Fusion Stone Great Lakes Brindle. Brindle is composed of a blend of tones and hues that graduate from mid and rusty tans to light shades of grey. This makes Brindle a highly versatile choice for both indoor and outdoor applications.

What a modern, elegant design with Fusion Stone strategically placed front and top centre to really show it off. Thanks at @brydonperryconsinc for sharing your project with us. For more images of this project visit here and here.

Night shots aren’t always the best way to highlight a product but here we have an exception. This beautifully lit pool house by TLC Landscaping Design (@tlclandscapingdesignpools) executed with Fusion Stone Great Lakes Raven skirting is a truly beautiful and inviting night time scene. Raven was the perfect selection as it exudes an impression of substance, strength and weight derived from a balance of khaki and brown tones that gently fade into contrasting hues of grey and slate. We are grateful to @tlclandscapingdesignpools for using Fusion Stone in such a stunning project.

For another image of this project see here.

How much more inviting could the exterior of a home be? This so much says, “Come on in; you’re going to enjoy yourself here”. This single-level home by Textures and Tassels (@textures.and.tassels), featuring several exterior cladding materials, is wisely dominated by Fusion Stone Dry-Stack Caramel. Dry-Stack produces an amazingly uniform and highly finished appearance to be admired for a lifetime. The Caramel colour is dominated by suggestions of rusty orange that seem to dissolve into mid greys and chalky undertones. Thanks to @textures.and.tassels for showing off this great piece of work. Keep them coming.

Works in progress are always interesting. This one is by Blue Ridge Builders of Nova Scotia – www.blueridgebuilders.ca We are grateful to @blue_ridge_halifax for using Fusion Stone on this project. It looks great.

This project is an excellent demonstration of how several exterior finishes can beautifully compliment one another when they have been wisely selected. The designer clearly appreciates the versatility of Fusion Stone Great Lakes Carbon. It appears here as the central, primary façade as well as front skirting and column surrounds. Great Lakes fuses together ease of installation, no mortar convenience, and a rugged, traditional visual effect. The Carbon colour dominates the scene with dark, dusky and leaden greys in a blend with more neutral shades of cloudy silver.

We are proud to be associated with our community of fine contractors and love seeing the projects that you share with us! We’re looking forward to seeing what you do next; make sure to tag us @fusionstone and use #FusionStone in the caption for your chance to be featured.

Please visit the Fusion Stone website at www.fusionston.staging.wpengine.com or call 800.265.3174. Make sure to tag us @fusionstone for your chance to be featured in future blogs.